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Take advantage of the sophisticated System:

Flexible application: Our contribution to cleanliness.



8 pieces can be stacked on a pallet.
Practical handle.
Sack holder ring, lid and closing flap are optional accessories.
Individualise your CONI Basic with its own printing.
Size: 60 cm x 86 cm
Volume: 180 litres, weight: 12kg

Your Event-bin for every occasion

As a rule, waste bins have the best possible locations: exposed places, with frequent visitors. The Advertising Shark transports catchy messages, demands cleanliness, and communicates with a broad range of target groups. No question, then, that it can make an interesting contribution to refinancing its investment and operating costs. The same is true of the CONI Basic system, which knows no limits in type, form and design.



The CONI Basic is a real tough nut. The robust polypropylene bin with stainless steel handles can withstand even your event.



It can be used with or without a 200l waste sack. Simple to clean and very easy to carry. Space saving bins as they can be stacked together.



The collar of the CONI Basic can be individualised with its own labelling. Your municipality can be present at every event or your bin can be refinanced through advertising.



The CONI Basic can be ordered with a lid (see the header screen). This reduces the throw-in opening and the amount of rain water that may enter.

    Online shop: CONI Basic 180 litres