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The drinking fountain supplies unbeatable thirst quenching water at the push of a button if in sleep mode, or it can be set to flow continuously.

Fontana drinking fountain

Enjoy fresh water on the go
Everybody needs fresh water, every day. Many of us are often on the go when we need to suddenly quench our thirst or wash our hands. With the Fontana drinking fountain, ANTA SWISS AG offers you the ideal solution for just this as it provides people with clean water in public areas - all the time.

Timeless design
The Fontana is a modern and unostentatious drinking fountain, which blends in beautifully with its surroundings. It is a marvel to look at thanks to its elegant exterior. The drinking fountain is made from brushed stainless steel, which guarantees a long service life. The cover ring of the fountain is available in different colours.

Easy to use
Using the drinking fountain is child's play. Press the button and fresh water comes bubbling out of the nozzle of the Fontana drinking fountain. It provides enough water for the various needs that people may have. Thanks to the Fontana drinking fountain, everybody can now access clean water all the time.

The drinking fountain can be opened at the back using a triangular key.

From a single range of products
The Fontana drinking fountain fits in splendidly with the range of products created by the designer and inventor Werner Zemp. The famous Littershark and Shark-bench complete the range. All the products in this line are made from high quality stainless steel and are ingeniously conceived in both their design and function. The Fontana drinking fountain is the ideal supplement to the Littershark and benches from ANTA SWISS AG.

Enjoy fresh water at the push of a button.
The band of writing on the fountain can be customised to suit every customer's requirements.
Flap at the back of the fountain.

The designer

Visit the website of the industrial designer Werner Zemp, who won a Red Dot Design Award for the Littershark.

Fontana drinking fountain (with push button)

Article no. UO-UO00-00009
Material 1.4301, V2A 2 mm
Size ø 402, 312 / H 894 mm
Weight 25 kg