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Solide bench – somewhere to while away the time

You can make yourself completely at home in great comfort on this solid bench made from high quality stainless steel. Whether you're on your own or with 2, 3 even 4 friends - the bench comes in different sizes and is available with a backrest or as a stool.

Solide - model (3-seater bench)

Article no. UO-CBA0-00006
Material V2A electropolished steel
Size L 1610 mm, H 865 mm, W 611 mm
Weight 46 kg
Remarks The armrests can be ordered separately

Safe from vandals

This bench's resistance to vandalism is truly impressive. It cannot come to any harm when used in public areas, both benches are extremely resilient against vandalism. They can also be bolted to the ground.

The Solide bench comes in many different designs.