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Sustainable – saves resources – clean

Waste separation made easy. The Sorter-shark makes it visually clear how the waste is to be separated. Thanks to the various module versions it can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Large capacity 
Thanks to the large capacity of 3 x 110 litres, 4 x 110 litres or even 2 x 220 litres, the frequency of emptying is significantly reduced for the Sorter-Shark - especially suited for strongly frequented job sites. The Sorter-Shark is a cost saver.
Vandal- and fire-proof
Public waste bins are frequent targets of vandalism. Owing to the solid chromium steel walls (3 mm) and a robust lock, the Sorter-Shark is resistant to damage of all types. In addition, the Sorter-Shark is fire-proof and can easily be repaired even after a fire. The high-quality chromium steel is easy to clean, needs little maintenance and is environmentally friendly. The design can be adapted to your needs.

The Sorter-shark M4 has a capacity of 4 x 110 liters
Easy transport
Labeling option
Sorter with rain cover and lettering