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Fighting vandals and fire

Public litter bins are often the target of vandalism. The Littershark is resitant to kicks and damages of all kinds and fire thanks to its solid chrome steel walls and clever locking device.The untreated chrome steel is easy to restore even after a serious fire. Its excellent fire inhibiting properties have been proven in fire tests.


An innovative concept 

The patented Littershark, Protectus, satisfies the needs of institutions and cities that want to protect their residents and visitors. This high quality Swiss product is convincingly impressive with its sophisticated safety features:

  • The main explosion is directed upwards
  • Walls made from 5mm brushed stainless steel
  • Triple strength welding seams
  • Stable inner frame
  • 4 trailing grabbers with retainers  
  • 10mm thick snap lock
  • Hinged side with solid end stoppers
  • Rear wall with a predetermined breaking point
  • Ground mounting with anchoring


Area surveillance system

The Littershark is also available with an intelligent surveillance system. Thus large areas can be safely and inconspicuously monitored, such as museums, exhibitions or fairs.


Because the stainless steel has been left untreated, it can reground after a serious fire and be fully functional again after just a few days. This Littershark underwent a practical fire test.

Explosion protection

The Protectus model is a reinforced version with tested explosion protection.

CNN-Rapport Protectus