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The Littershark conquers Switzerland

In 2002 the Littershark triumphed over 80 competitors in an international GATT/WTO tender by the city of Zurich. The industrial designer, Werner Zemp was responsible for the key idea of the design and concept. He was looking for a partner in metal processing via the network of the Virtuellen Fabrik Nordwestschweiz/Mittelland.


Brüco Swiss AG proved to be the ideal partner with the appropriate core competencies. In addition to an attractive appearance, the most important criteria included a quick return on investment thanks to easy maintenance. As the winner, Brüco Swiss AG was allowed to produce the first 500 models of the Littershark.


The designer has succeeded in creating a masterpiece with the Littershark. This could be seen from the fact that right from the first model, further new variations appeared to satisfy different specific needs, without the product losing its character. A Littershark it is and  Littershark it shall remain - whether in Zurich, Vienna, Hochdorf or Berlin.