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Fire protection at the right place

The issue of safety is a top priority in public places.
Peoples’ safety must be guaranteed everywhere, without compromising
the day-to-day operation. Our contribution to public safety is the Littershark’s
clever system for fire protection, which prevents a potential fire.

The Littershark is convincing with its elegant design and ease of use. It has a further advantage - which is especially important in public buildings – it provides a high level of fire protection.
Its fire protection system is sophisticated and versatile to suit different locations. The throw-in flap is a plus factor as it prevents a potential fire. It does not allow any oxygen to enter the Littershark, so the fire is extinguished even before it has the chance to start.
Intelligent extinguishing system
The aerosol fire extinguishing system switches on automatically as soon as it detects smoke, for example from a cigarette in the Littershark that is still burning. The cartridge can be adjusted to suit the temperature, so as to ensure its safe use both indoors and outdoors.
The Littershark is made from high quality chrome steel, a further safety feature. After the tests and the verification procedures, the fire protection system was awarded the rating of "excellent".
Success in use
The fire protection system has been used for several years in the University Hospital of Zurich. The outcome is positive, the University Hospital is very pleased with the reliable system and will continue to opt for the Littershark.
The fire protection system can be built into the Delta-Shark and Minor-Shark models. The small all-rounder is ideal for use in homes, hospitals, clinics and universities.
Protection and Safety
The investment pays for itself when you consider what consequences a real fire would have in a large public building. The inconspicuous fire protection system offers safety and protection without compromising its day-to-day operation.



Minor-Shark with a cover flap.
Front flap with the Delta-Shark.
Successful fire test on a Delta-Shark.