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Functionality and aesthetics

The simplicity of the 3mm thick vandal-proof stainless steel Littershark is altogether captivating. Its timeless and bold design is a world class combination of form and function. It triumphed over 80 competitors in an international GATT/WTO tender by the city of Zurich. Aside from its attractive look, the decisive features were its impressive functional details, which allow for a quick return on investment. The high volume capacity reduces the work of emptying, a task which is further facilitated by the ergonomically designed swinging door with swivel-out sack holder


Variable models

The Littershark is available in several different sizes and designs.

It can be mounted on floors, walls or poles.

There are numerous variants of models ranging from those with integrated ashtrays or an elegant sand ashtray to practical dispensers for dog waste bags.

The version with an advertising window can be used as a refinanceable advertising medium. All types can be fitted with an inner container instead of the sack holder ring. A suitable three-square socket wrench is supplied with every Littershark.


Design: Werner Zemp

All models are available upon request with shark teeth as a disposal dampner.
The self-closing flap prevents unpleasant odours and the entry of insects.
Trash opening with trash slide solves the tricky problem of refuse landing in the bin interior.
Precisely designed snap latch with a triangular key.
The innovative levelling base allow for a simple installation on sloping terrains.