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Underfloor system

With the Underfloor system, there is far less frequent need to empty the waste container. The sleek and elegant disposal column, an aesthetic and economically efficient solution, takes up 600 to 1000 liters of waste.

Subsurface tank 1000 liters

Article no. AH-C100-00002
Material 1.4301, V2A 3 mm
Size Ø 1200, H 1200 mm
Weight 150 kg
Bag size approx. 1000 liters
Specials With emptying flap, 1 pc. filler cap

This subsurface is also available in 600 and 800 liters.

Underground increases capacity

In Switzerland, cleanliness in public has a high priority. In many places, however, the waste containers cannot be emptied daily. This is where the Underfloor system comes in. Those passing by see the Littershark in its usual form – below the ground, out of sight, there is lots of additional space for waste. This solution ensures a clean and orderly environment.

Underfloor installation

The chrome-plated steel collecting tank, available in sizes of 600, 800 and 1000 litres, is permanently installed under the ground. The covering is freely selectable. With the innovative optional levelling base, levelling is also possible.


Underfloor emptying
Thanks to the large capacity, there is far less frequent need to empty the waste container. A separate service opening simplifies removing the waste with the suction hose. Standard street cleaning equipment can be used for suction.