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It knows how waste separation works and immediately communicates its knowledge to the outside world. Optionally, it functions as a large ash tray and keeps everything around it clean.

Twin-shark 150 liters

Article no. AH-C150-00030
Material 1.4301, V2A 3 mm
Size ø 506 / H 1200 mm
Weight 82 kg
Bag size 110 liters
Assembly Floor mountin

Double hunger and downright clever

With its dual waste disposal openings, the Twinshark is optimally suited for lively locations, such as train stations or fairgrounds. The dual waste disposal openings make it a sorter. It can take up PET bottles on one side and organic wastes on the other side. This is not only economical, but also orderly. The Twinshark is designed for room situations with high demands on function and design.

In the proven Littershark product line is the Twin-shark, with dual waste disposal openings, making it well suited for the separation of waste. The Twin-shark, made of sturdy stainless steel with rock-solid mounting, is our answer to exclusive wishes.
A coloured strip as recognition code and additional pictograms can support identification for the separation of waste products.

Twin-shark ash trays

The Twin-shark comes with two openings for ash trays, smartly integrated
in the overall design. The large-capacity ash tray drawer allows simple and practical handling. The Twin-shark can be optionally retrofitted with an ash tray on the top side as well.

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