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Littershark Bear-proof

The 150 litres, sturdy, stainless steel Bear-proof Littershark, with bearproof disposal drawer and rock solid mounting, keeps its promise. Simple in operating and handling.

Article no. AH-C150-00017
Material 1.4301, V2A 3 mm
Size ø 506 / H 1193 mm
Weight 83 kg
Bag Size 110 liters
Assembly Floor mounting

Shark outsmarts bears!

The solid chrome-plated wall provides the Littershark with effective protection against damages and vandals do not stand a chance. The Littershark is immune to the effects of kicks and blows. It nips arson attacks in the bud and even after a full fire, its untreated stainless steel can be quickly restored. Good to know: The Littershark comes out champion in the bear test! It also remains unscathed from the attacks of a hungry bear.


A specially reinforced version of the Littershark with a safety lock for easy use.

Disposal drawer with pneumatic spring system.
For safe and convenient use.
Anchoring with metal cross for stable mounting on ground.

Bear test Wildlife Centre Goldau

Together with the WWF Switzerland, we have subjected our Bear-proof and Animalproof JJ3 Littersharks to the bear test. Bear bait was placed in two models to simulate the waste. This meant that the temptation for the Syrian brown bears was even greater.