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Container Animalproof JJ3

The solid polyethylene Animalproof, with strong locking system, keeps its promise as well. Operating is child’s play, but no animal can break into it.

Container Animalproof JJ3

Article no. UO-UO00-00019
Material Polyethylen EN840
Size W 583 mm / H 1210 mm / D 880 mm

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Shark outsmarts bears!

Containers broken open or even destroyed? Our bear-tested polyethylene and chrome-plated steel disposal systems are the solution. No animal can harm them. Developed jointly with the Swiss WWF and in the Goldau Wildlife Centre.

Simple, single-handed pull-and-turn opening with automatic, secure snap latch locking.
Thanks to the sturdy wire cable, the Animalproof JJ3 remains securely in place.
Braking ensures that the Animalproof JJ3 360 litres container remains in place.

Bear test Wildlife Centre Goldau

Together with the WWF Switzerland, we have subjected our Bear-proof and Animalproof JJ3 Littersharks to the bear test. Bear bait was placed in two models to simulate the waste. This meant that the temptation for the Syrian brown bears was even greater.