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The Littershark offers convincing design and durability. Thanks to its large capacity, the frequency of emptying is greatly reduced. Furthermore, the high-quality chromeplated steel requires little maintenance and is environmentally compatible, making the Littershark a cost-saver.

35 liters (3/4 round)
40 liters
50 liters
60 liters (3/4 round)
70 liters
110 liters
150 liters
220 liters (Bigshark)

Bold and timeless
The design of the Sharks have is convincing. Our shops look just the part whether they are in shopping centres, in front of pristine shops, elegant boutiques or very popular shops. Elegant chrome-plated steel, perfectly finished, is one of the most valuable materials in public areas.


Effortless emptying
Littersharks are no 'finger nail killers'. You simply turn the triangular wrench and the door opens automatically so you can change the waste bag without fuss. Once you have emptied a Littershark, you will no longer want to maintain or clean any other product.


The scourge of vandalism
The chrome-plated steel is tough. It copes with all kinds of impacts and kicks. It is easy to remove unsightly adhesives or disturbing traces of felt-tip pens from the dry polished chrome-plated steel. How is this possible? We'll show you. 


Popular  Sharktooth
Bulky waste can no longer be disposed of just anywhere. The Sharktooth sees to that. It is one of the award-winning waste disposal systems. We can install Sharkteeth upon request.