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The Smokoshark – a versatile meeting place. Regardless of whether you want to drink a coffe outside or meet up with colleauges. There's room for everyone under the Smokoshark.


Regardless of where the Smokoshark is located, it's an eye-chatcher and meeting point. It's modern, practical design invites you to linger. To sit and talk, eat & drink, flirt & fib.


Recharge your batteries

Fresh air is stimulating. People who interrupt their work for short breaks tire less quickly. So, treat yourself regularly to a few minutes of time-out under the Smokoshark. That will keep you awake.


Protective roof

Regardless of heat, rain or snow. Under the Smokoshark you'll spend your break well sheltered. The umbrella – available in two sizes – is shady and provides optimal protection from rain and snow.

Cleanliness binds

The Smokoshark is also a smokers' stand. Clean and practical. Thanks to a cleverly desinged opening for ash in the middle of the table, cleanliness prevails. That's why non-smokers feel just as good. That binds.



Foot rail with a kick

The Smokoshark is also a bar counter. That's why we fit it with a comfortable foot rail. One can of course fold the latter away to wipe the floor under the Smokoshark. A clean meeting place has a much more inviting and cosy effect.


Swissness oblige

The Smokoshark is a jack-of-all-trades. It's modular structure opens up numerous combination options. You can mount the nifty little device on the wall or pin it in the ground with a plate. It looks good alone and fulfils it's purpose, with or without an umbrella. If standing aids are fitted, breaks are even more enjoyable.


Flowers welcome

The tabletop is available in steel, wood or stone. We've also given the meeting place a seductive component. Those who want to can integrate a flower vase. That pleases aesthetes.


Tidiness allowed

Nothing needs to lie on the ground under the Smokoshark. The hanging hooks can hold handbags, shopping bags, umbrellas, briefcases, etc. And there is room for small, practical day-to-day objects on the storgage space above.

The vertical column of the Smokoshark contains openings. The latter can be used for decorative lights. And the support is constructed in such a way that a wind chime or an advertising banner could dangle there.


Protection against cool breeze

Smokoshark fans can be protected against the wind. When the practical, well designed windbreaks are mounted, things get very comforable very quickly.


International entertainment

The Swiss gossip under the Smokoshark. Northern Germans natter. Austrians tattle. Southern Germans shoot the bull, chat or babble. And when everyone gets together, it's a convival round.


No danger to fingernails

The Smokoshark is persuasive due to it's clever handling. The ash, for instance, ends up in the functional pipe via a slide and falls into a four-litre ash container.