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The little brother: Smokoshark Junior

The Smokoshark Junior is convincing wherever he stands. Whether it is at a party or in a playground - it can be flexibly used anywhere. Thus your are optimally equipped for any event.


For your event

Cocktails on the Smokoshark Junior. The elegant and beautiful stainless steel table enhances any environment.



You can meet up at the Smokoshark Junior for a chat, coffee or refreshment. There is an ashtray in the middle of the table. Smokers enjoy spending time at the Smokoshark Junior.


On rollers

Best of all the Junior model has two rollers on the base plate. This means you can easily reposition the Junior Smokohai within a matter of seconds.



The Junior Smoko-Shark is designed in such a way that it can be used in any weather. When it rains you can just quickly roll it to a dry place.


Design: Werner Zemp 



Online Shop: Smokoshark Junior