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Thanks to its ample 15-litre capacity, the Mega-ashtray significantly reduces the number of time it needs to be emptied.


Flyer Mega-ashtray

Mega-ashtray 30 litres (with plinth)

Article no. AH-C030-00008
Material 1.4301, V2A 2 mm
Size ø 250 / H 990 mm
Weight 20 kg

A relaxing cigarette break thanks to the Mega-ashtray

Smokers look forward to meeting in break rooms or outdoors for a cigarette and to chat. The Mega-ashtray replaces those unsightly overflowing ashtrays and is resplendent in its stylish yet practical design.

Timeless and bold

The Mega-ashtray makes sure that your surroundings are both pleasant and spotless when you take time out for a chat or meet up with colleagues. Every entrance area is all the more welcoming thanks to its sleek design.

Large capacity

The number of times the Mega-ashtray has to be emptied is significantly reduced thanks to its impressive holding capacity of 15 litres. Its plus points don't end there: The Mega-ashtray is made from low maintenance and environmentally friendly chrome steel. What a cost saver!

Protection against vandalism and fire

Public waste bins are often the focus of vandalism. Because of its very thick chrome steel sides and clever lock against kicks, the Mega-ashtray is extremely resistant to all kinds of damage and fire. The untreated chrome steel can still be used even after being exposed to the full effects of a fire - a fire test shows just how impressive its resistance to fire is.
Functionality & Design

An attractive appearance and impressive functional details are its trademarks. The Mega-ashtray, made from high quality stainless steel, never fails to make a remarkable impression with its simple and yet elegant look. It can also be mounted on the floor where necessary.

The Mega-ashtray has a holding capacity of 15 litres.
The practical internal container can be easily emptied without having to come into contact with its contents.

The following models are available in our online shop:

Mega-ashtray inkl. plinth

Mega-ashtray inkl. support