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Ideas for waste


Symbiosis of design and function
The user-friendly Littershark collection eases beautifully into every setting thanks to its unique design. With holding capacities from 1 to 1000 litres, the Littershark has it all when it comes to the successful collection of waste.
Sustainable quality
Highly versatile and ready for a quick delivery. Process reliability on an international level together with expedient services.
Functions with advantages
From the Shark Tooth to the bear- proof or explosion-proof systems and the Solar Press-Shark, the Littershark collection is designed to be modular and easy to service. A win-win situation in your daily work and processes, just as it is for the safeguarding of your investment for the long term. The future and our focus is on waste management, which we continue to develop for your benefit.

Method & Design
Litter Management