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LightOwl in use

ANTA SWISS AG LED lighting for technical and public areas are constantly evolving in order to continuously minimise the energy consumption,
without compromising on security and luminosity.

  • We offer high quality lighting products, which are developed and produced in Switzerland.

  • An experienced and qualified team will come to your aid with the right information and tools either on your premises or at the other end of the phone.

  • From the planning stage to the moment your system is installed, we are always looking for the best solution every step of the way.

  • At your request we will draw up a lighting plan that best suits your lighting requirements using the latest tools.

  • We will calculate the economic efficiency of your new LED lighting based on a full cost accounting.

  • Our vast expertise in sheet metal processing provides you with technical advances, which can be ideally used for special installations, facings and special requests. Just ask us!

  • Sustainability and innovation translate into extremely low energy consumption with maximum performance. ANTA SWISS AG offers both.

  • ANTA SWISS AG is a Swiss company and a specialist in the development of LED lights. We place a great deal of importance on the fact that we always work in an ecologically responsible manner and that both our production process and our end products make sparing use of natural resources.


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