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Their advantages

The high quality of light emitted from the LED lights from the LoghtOwl family works in perfect harmony with the respective ambience.

  • Bright light.
  • Targeted light (through LED in itself, lenses and special covers).
  • No perceptible flickering.
  • CRI (Colour Rendering Index) value = 80.
  • Different colour temperatures available, warm white and day-white.

LED lights from the LightOwl family offer various technical advantages.

  • Full power instantly when the light is switched on -> no warm-up time!
  • Dimming without any loss.
  • Hardly any to no maintenance work required.
  • Long service life! …and you save a lot of energy!
  • The service life is not shortened by multiple switching cycles.
  • IP 65 as a minimum.

LED lights from the LightOwl family satisfy the highest standards of quality.

  • All of the components are of a high standard of quality
  • Only housings made from aluminium and steel are used.
  • The light covers are made from non-reflective 4 mm thick safety glass which lets a lot of light through or from special high-strength plastic.
  • All of the lights are up to 95% recyclable.

Outdoor use:

  • Improved road safety in public places and in underpasses thanks to the bright light with highcontrast colour reproduction.
  • Reduced light pollution and minimal disturbance to residents due to the targeted lighting.
  • Lower energy and maintenance costs.

Indoor use:

  • Optimum safety in the workplace thanks to the bright light with high-contrast colour reproduction.
  • Employees being more alert because of the optimum lighting plays an integral part in assuring fewer errors in the workplace.
  • Reduced energy and maintenance costs.
  • Because the light is on full power as soon as it is switched on, it can also be used indoors without further motion sensors. If required, rooms that are not used very frequently can be lit up in no time.