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SolarPress® smart wastebin for the City of Basel

Less frequent emptying, more efficient use of labor.


The City of Basel will be adding 1,100 SolarPress® compacting smart wastebins as part of their focus on sustainability and green technology. Anta Swiss AG was delighted as well to be invited to present our offer in person at the roll-out opening ceremony.


The SolarPress® compacting smart wastebin is elegantly designed, made of polishable, high-quality Chrome Steel.  The beautiful solar-panel top is made of durable, tempered glass, which powers the automatic compacter. Due to the automatic compacting, the SolarPress® allows you to store up to 7 times more waste inside before you need to empty the bin, which means less frequent emptying.  There is also an integrated ashtray option for cigarette and ash disposal.

Most importantly, the SolarPress® smart wastebin can be managed in the cloud via mobile devices.  Using the SharkIsland® app, you can monitor and manage important data such as fill volume, temperature, battery charge, location, and maintenance protocols.  


Infos Solar Press-Shark


Data sheet of the Solar Press-Shark