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LitterShark has a new feature - the Shark-Fix!

The LitterShark wastebin was first designed and built almost 20 years ago. And since then, there have been many new innovations and features added that improve its function, ease-of-use, as well as safety features. We are proud to announce the latest feature for the LitterShark smart wastebin - the Shark-Fix!


The SharkFix will secure the waste sack to the interior bag hanger, preventing the waste sack from slipping off the ring.  In addition to the tab-and-slot feature that allows you to also secure the waste sack, the Shark-Fix adds a spring plate that gently presses the top of the waste sack against the sack hanger, ensuring that it doesn’t slip until the next emptying. By securing the waste sack, it makes emptying faster, and keeps the interior of the wastebin clean. 

And the best news is that the Shark-Fix is now included as a standard in all of our LitterShark smart wastebins with a capacity of 60L or more! It can also be retrofitted to existing LitterShark wastebins. Just contact us if you are interested. 

We are always available if you need further information at +41 44 818 84 84 or