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A quick announcement before our 18th Birthday…

“ANTA” is an acronym in German which stands for “Current Sustainable Technological Applications”. Our name says it all. But how do we show this?

Recently, a customer made a request to add the ashtray option to their existing LitterShark wastebin from 2003. Even though this LitterShark wastebin was an original model from many years ago, we were able to make this customization without any problems. This is due to the fact that our wastebins have always been made with only high-quality V2A Chrome Steel.


Since our materials and construction have been consistent, this customization to an original LitterShark model was entirely possible.

And it’s a great example of how our LitterShark wastebins truly stand the test of time.

The LitterShark not only adds beauty to urban spaces with its unique and sleek design, but it’s functionality is also robust and resilient. Please visit our online shop to see all of our LitterShark models and accessories:

Anta Swiss Online Shop

The LitterShark smart wastebin is built for a lifetime, but even the most high-quality Chrome Steel requires a little bit of care, such as the occasional cleaning and polish. Our maintenance recommendations can be found below, along with some tips on how to keep your LitterShark wastebins looking like new over the years:

LitterShark Maintenance (flyer)

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