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Archive Littershark

11. April 2022

Our Littershark is low-maintenance and robust, saving you time and money. This year, the waste-management superhero is celebrating its 20th birthday.

14. May 2020

“ANTA” is an acronym in German which stands for “Current Sustainable Technological Applications”. Our name says it all. But how do we show this?

07. May 2020

We are proud to offer LitterShark® smart wastebins and airport solutions, now as a member of GATE!

24. April 2020

The LitterShark wastebin was first designed and built almost 20 years ago. And since then, there have been many new innovations and features added that improve its function, ease-of-use, as well as safety features. We are proud to announce the latest feature for the LitterShark smart wastebin - the Shark-Fix!

03. March 2020

From the shark to the networked resource management system

27. April 2016

Detailed information, countdown timer and images to the emergence of Haitown