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This is what we do ...

The quality requirements of our customers is our benchmark

Imagine that your customer is next to you whilst you work: Do you know who your customer is? Can you fulfill their requirements?

Our customers are successful partners

Our customers are in a position to get back the energy (and money) they invest with interest.


We are a committed team

We are open to  criticism and talk openly and honestly about what is happening. Our positive attitude enables us to work more effectively. We smile whilst we work!

Every employee is a both a supplier and a customer

How do my actions benefit others? I want to do my work in a way that will enable the next person to take it over as efficiently as possible. The way I would like it myself.

Everyone sets an example

We set high expectations for ourselves and live up to them! We admit our mistakes and turn them into something positive. We pass on our knowledge willingly and freely to assist you.

We work for our profit

The harmony of giving before receiving! We are cost aware and keep errors and rush jobs to a minimum. We optimise our actions, so we always stand to gain.

We care for and respect our environment

We think about our children and their future in all that we do. We do not waste materials and energy. We actively recycle.

We live our vision

We are happy to talk about our vision. We stay motivated in every situation, even when things are not going the way we’d like. Anyway, a smile is a short-cut to our vision!