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Solar Press-Shark

The Solar Press-Shark, a forward-looking invention
with a great design.
Saves on resources and cuts beck on emptying times.


The Solar Press-Shark uses state of the art technology. The powerful solar panel on the sloping top can be rotated 360° and aligned to whichever direction you require. Because of its contact-free control, the Solar Press-Shark is extremely user-friendly and hygienic.

Flyer Solar Press-Shark

The most important facts in a nutshell:

  • The volume of waste is compacted by 3 to 7 times. Thereby creating a total filling capacity of 450 to over 700 litres.

  • Passers-by can securely insert their waste without touching the unit

  •  The Solar Press-Shark does not work off the mains, so you are free to choose its location.

  •  A coloured LED diode on the Shark indicates the fill level.  

  • The solar cells are protected by hardened glass and always work off an optimum consumption of power due to the properties of this material.

  • The ashtray drawer is optional, if it is not used, a blank cover is mounted in its place. Its fire protection is ensured with an integrated automatic extinguishing system.

  • The Solar Press-Shark fits in beautifully with the Shark collection. The Solar Press-Shark is installed in exactly the same way as the other Sharks.

  • Added benefit of a 3 mm thick stainless steel housing: Vandal-proof, easy to clean (even graffiti), flame retardant and rust free.
The inner container is easily pulled out of the Shark in one go and then emptied as normal with the bag. So only one person is ever needed to do the job.
The safety flap closes automatically during every compacting process.

Online shop: Solar Press-shark