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Merchandise safe model N

Protecting your valuables
The reliable solution against unauthorised access.
The Merchandise safe was designed in cooperation with a major Swiss retailer. It significantly reduces the level of theft in retail outlets. Petty thieves no longer have the opportunity to steal and sales staff can relax and focus on their job.

Merchandise safe transponder
The range (red circle) can be set at the factory from 1.5 metres up to 4.5 metres.
The top part of the Merchandise safe can be used as a surface for advertising.

The most important facts in a nutshell:

  • The Merchandise safe protects the products (such as cigarettes, razor blades and batteries) with a simple locking technique.   

  • The roller shutter closes automatically as soon as the sales staff leave the designated range via a wireless control system. This is triggered by the transponder worn by the personnel in the shop.

  • The inner workings of the system in terms of the arrangement and number of shelves used depend on the needs of the customer and can be configured accordingly.

  • The individual shelves can be completely pulled out.

  • Mechanical merchandise pusher systems can also be integrated thanks to the use of standard shop fitting shelves.

  • The Butterfly Merchandise safe works independently. It does not require an additional system (e.g. POS system) to run it. However, it must have a 230V power supply from the mains.

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